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Welcome to Bonafide Spearguns!

I would cordially like to invite you into the world of bonafide spearguns. Along this journey we will discover together the intimate secrets, passions, and ambitions that many people have yet to discover about me.

The stories you will hear and videos you will see will leave your heart racing and blood pumping with excitement but leaving you with one realization......you have found the gun you are looking for!

The three words that describe my guns the best are LIFE TIME GUARANTEE. Those three words are the passion and commitment that bleeds into each and every guns I produce. This is a commitment that outlasts most and This is my promise to you that bonafide spearguns is the one and only choice for you.

Mr. Bonafide tells the story on how he began building custom spearguns:

"When I started spearfishing I started off by having my wife buy a new speargun for me for every holiday. She use to get so mad because ever gun she got me within six months I found one on another site I thought would be better. Before I knew it I had about 10 different guns and used each one of them for different kinds of fish or diving. In fact, I had the name the "Gear Whore" because I brought so much stuff on everyone's boat. Finally, it dawned to me that the best solution is to try to incorporate all the things I loved about each gun I owned into one. I talked to multiple people and most if not all tried to keep all of their secrets from me. Little did they know they actually gave me the ammunition to be who I am today. With the help from the Internet, spearboard forum, and Josh from Neptonic after working in my shop for months my first BONAFIDE SPEARGUN was complete. I brought it up to the local Wing House at a tournament registration to show some of my dive buddies and the gun drew so much attention they asked me to take my gun and leave. Pretty mean don't you think? It was at that point I realized I had something that not only I loved but other fellow spearos loved too. Little by Little friends started coming by my shop and asking me to build them custom spearguns just like mine. I began experimenting with each gun constantly looking for improvements, new techniques and better materials. I think of each of my gun as an extension of myself. Just as people constantly look for ways to improve their lives I do the same things with my guns. I don't think I can ever say that I have the perfect speargun because perfection is in the eye of the beholder. What I can promise you is that I will be on the front lines of every new innovative idea I can muster, anxious to incorporate only the best into my guns."

Thanks for your support,

Mr. Bonafide.

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